Bike Tech: 5 Coolest Gadgets for Cyclists

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Road Bike Adventure has taught us a lot about safe cycling, part of which is arming yourself with the right tools and gadgets. No matter the season, difficulty or the purpose, it’s essential to dress yourself and your ride at all times.
Today, we’re going to talk about the coolest gadgets we believe every cyclist should have in his/her arsenal. From keeping you safe to letting you ride in style, here’s a quick list to guide you by.

1. Torch T2 Bike Helmet

Wearing a bike helmet with a light strapped onto it is so 2014. Why not upgrade yours with a nifty one that’s got a light that’s integrated into it? The T2 Bike Helmet is one of the most beloved cycling gadgets in the market today. Aside from having its own light, it boasts of a smash-proof polycarbonate material. This amplifies your head protection even more. Plus, all you need is a USB port to juice the helmet back up.

2. Connected Cycle Pedal

The Connected Cycle Pedal is the world’s first connected pedal. It increases your safety as a cyclist as well as your bicycle’s. For one, it monitors your riding activity and locates it at any time. This limits bike theft, which is arguably a cyclist’s biggest problem. When the bike is moved, an app integrated to the pedal instantly notifies the bike owner. Moreover, the Connected Cycle Pedal is so easy to set up and requires zero charging, as it gets it juices from the actual pedaling. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors that will complement your ride.

3. Hammerhead Navigation

When you’re cycling, you need to focus your attention on the road at all times. Sadly, some gadgets do more harm than good, like a mediocre navigation system. Thankfully, we can say goodbye to GPS that just flat out sucks. Now, we have Hammerhead to do all the quiet navigation for us. The smart tool uses intuitive lights you can see through the corner of your eye to guide you through your ride. It’s integrated with an app where you can input your destination. This way, you can ride safely and distraction-free.

4. Linka Smartlock

Bike theft exists just about anywhere. That’s why it’s very important for all cyclists to be equipped with the best tools to combat it. One of the most efficient locks out there is the Linka Smartlock. Not only does it blast out a deafening 100 dB alarm when someone’s tampering with it. It also sends you push notifications that someone is trying to steal your bike. If the thief does manage to get it off and ride it, its geolocator feature is robust enough to help you catch up.

5. Revolights

Whether you’re riding through the snowy season or at the dead of the night, lights couldn’t be more crucial. There are tons of lighting systems available for cyclists today. However, one of our top choices is the Revolights. Not only does it make your bike look like it’s straight out of the Tron Universe. It offers a 360-degree illumination that boosts your road visibility by tenfold. It currently fits a limited choice of road and mountain bikes but the brand is planning to expand in no time.